SQL vs NoSQL: MongoDB Is Web Scale!

While googling for Flamewars between SQL and NoSQL Databases (MongoDB especially), I came across this awesome Video. Although it starts out slow, I can promise you it will change your stance on the SQL vs NoSQL debate.

Summary of the important points of this video:

  • /dev/null is the fastest Database out there
  • Sadly, it doesn’t support Sharding
  • Sharding is the ‘Secret Sauce’ that makes MongoDB so fast and awesome
  • MongoDB is Web Scale and SQL is not
  • MongoDB just works

But on a serious note, this video does raise some good points (this coming from a MongoDB Fanboi)

  • SQL isn’t what it used to be
  • Today’s relational systems are very mature and extremely powerful
  • The “Doesn’t Scale” argument doesn’t hold anymore. Quoting Jeff Cogswell:

[Relational DBs are] extremely powerful and can optimize joins and cache them. Huge banks that serve thousands of branches and millions of customers, including hundreds of thousands of online members, survive just fine using SQL

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