#KholoBC - All the Rage Over Youtube

If you live in Pakistan, you know how common Internet Censorship is here (and to some extent, I’m okay with that – ‘Porn Sites’) but banning YouTube? Seriously guys. And it’s been quite a while since it was blocked. The real reason it was blocked was because of a blasphemous video called <Don’t Even Remember the Name> being posted somewhere on it. Pakistanis, or should I say Muslims, take that very seriously. But the Pakistani Government didn’t do what the rest of the Muslim world did, that is blocked the video, instead they simply blocked all of Youtube. Pakistanis have been using Spotflux, HideMyAss, Hotspot Shield and God-Knows-What other Proxy programs to get access to Youtube; We are a little frustrated (Well, not me – I’ve been using Tor long before for everything).

But last week that video was finally taken down, but the Pakistani Government still refuses to lift the ban on Youtube. To fight the evil Pakistani Government Dragon, rose the Rapping Warrior, Ali Gul Pir, with the mighty sword of #KholoBC. He released his video “Kholo Ban Chor” on Youtube and Vimeo and within days gained tens of thousands of views despite censorship. This video has inspired somewhat of a “Youtube Unblocking Revolution” causing thousands of Internet Users from Pakistan to start using the #KholoBC Hashtag on Social Media Websites to demand the lift on the ban.

The Tribune points out:

The ban has never been about protecting the honour of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), come to think about it. Its real purpose seems to be a calculated halt, so that the activities of our unscrupulous leaders are not exposed.

and that seems to be the very point of the video.


I want to clarify that I have high regards for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and I, like millions of other Muslims, cannot bear any blasphemous act in his honour. But shutting down the entire website seems inappropriate since it’s a source of education as well and has helped so many people learn something new. The right way is simply to block the specific pages, like the rest of the world is doing.